Die ICF Research Branch (WHO-FIC Collaborating Center DIMDI)

Operationalization and measurement of health

Research at the ICF Unit is dedicated to the further development, promotion, and implementation of functioning based on the common language and structure of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) for reporting and data collection. All research projects within the ICF Unit aim to strengthen the utility of the ICF for decision-making across all levels of the health system, including clinical and rehabilitation practice, service planning and resource allocation, and evidence-based policy-making.

Current research projects include

  • content and metric comparison of existing instruments based on the ICF
  • psychometric evaluation of ICF components and categories
  • investigation of the interaction of the components of the ICF (Body structures and functions, Activities and Participation, and Contextual factors)
  • investigation of application areas of functioning information
  • development and validation of ICF-based questionnaires, such as the Work Rehabilitation Questionnaire (WORQ;

The ICF Unit works closely together with the ICF Research Branch (



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