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Rehabilitation Services & Care Unit

The Rehabilitation Services & Care Unit at Swiss Paraplegic Research investigates and intends to improve how persons with spinal cord injury utilize health care services. Disabled patients can be high users of medical care, often require services from multidisciplinary teams and bring with them multiple needs and expectations. These needs may not all be met within the setting offered by the health care provider. In a system that mainly focuses on cure rather than the improvement and the lived experience, losses in the perceived quality of care are to be expected.

Our research group analyzes how health care coverage and medical infrastructure affects access to care and satisfaction with health care services. We explore factors that complicate heath care delivery and identify vulnerable persons and areas for improvement. The group has a focus in investigating regional differences in access to services and quality of care. This information will be used to identify geographical areas with inefficient service delivery.

The gained knowledge on health care efficiencies will be important in formulating health policies and organizing allocation of resources with the ultimate goal to maximize quality of health care delivery and patient’s satisfaction.

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