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Swiss Spinal Cord Injury Cohort Study (SwiSCI)

The SwiSCI Study Center Unit is responsible for the planning and the operational implementation of the Swiss Spinal Cord Injury Study (SwiSCI) as well as for its scientific content and quality.

SwiSCI is the largest comprehensive study for persons with spinal cord injuries (SCI) in Switzerland, funded by Swiss Paraplegic Foundation. The core research of SwiSCI focuses on topics like health behavior, care, social participation, work integration and aging.

SwiSCI is designed as a multi-center study. The data collection is conducted at the four Swiss paraplegic centers in Nottwil, Basel, Sion and Balgrist. Further cooperation partners are the ‘Swiss Paraplegic Association’, the outpatient care association ‘ParaHelp’ and the Swiss accident insurance company ‘SUVA’.

In order to better understand and optimize quality of life and health of persons with SCI, SwiSCI targets three particular aims:

  1. Development of comprehensive knowledge about functioning, disability, health and aging with SCI
  2. Identification of targets for the optimization of care for persons with SCI,
  3. The development of an epidemiologic database, which contains comprehensive information about the characteristics of spinal cord injuries for health professionals, researchers and stakeholders in social and health care policy.

In the long term, SwiSCI will establish a research platform based on the collected data, which allows for national and international scientific exchange.

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