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A unique clinic with unique services
The Swiss Paraplegic Centre (SPC) Nottwil is a privately owned clinic, recognised nationwide, specialising in primary care and holistic rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injuries. In addition to medical and therapeutic services, it also includes advisory services, as well as research in the area of paraplegia, prevention, and so on.

The largest of Switzerland's four special clinics for para and tetraplegics is in Nottwil. The other three are located in Basel, Sion and Zurich. Nowadays, the SPC produces two thirds of all services for people with spinal paralysis in Switzerland. As a private clinic, the SPC also cares for patients who have general insurance cover, thanks to the support of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation.This type of insurance accounts for 75% of the patients. The clinic is fully occupied all year round.

Reintegration in multiple phases
The holistic rehabilitation of a patient with spinal paralysis begins at the scene of the accident. The aim of comprehensive assistance in three stages – acute, reactivation and integration phase – through the appropriate, individual deployment of specialist personnel and instruments.

  • Attempting to restore the structure of a person's personality and life as fully as possible. This concerns psychological, physical and social aspects (job, family, etc.). Requirements for this:
  • Correct rescue of the victim at the scene of the accident and the right acute therapy
  • Initial rehabilitation through specialists in diagnosis, surgery, therapy, and care
  • Lifelong support and care with the aid of specialists

Executive board 
Dr med.  Hans Peter Gmünder, Director of the SPC
Dr  med. Roland Vonlanthen, Head of Acute Medicine (PGV1)
Diana Sigrist-Nix, Head of Therapy Management (PGV2)
Prof. Jürgen Pannek, Neuro-Urology Consultant (PGV3)
René Künzli, Head of Services (PGV4)
Andreas Korner, Head of Human Resources

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Swiss Paraplegic Centre
Clinic Executive Board
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Dr. med. Hans Peter Gmünder, CEO SPC

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