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Chiropractic Service

Chiropraktor bei einer Behandlung

Experienced and competent
The Chiropractic Service in the Swiss Paraplegic Centre is organisationally affiliated to the outpatient care unit. Competent treatment is guaranteed from the first step to the last thanks to its multi-facetted infrastructure and the close cooperation with other specialists.
The chiropractor Dr. Ernst W. Schroeder is in charge of the service. Having pursued a subject-specific training route, including studying for a number of years in the United States, he has amassed many years of practical professional experience. The independent specialist operates on a consultancy basis in the SPC and runs his own practice in Bern.

Inpatient and outpatient
The Chiropractic Service is a fixed component of the holistic package of rehabilitation offered to para and tetraplegic patients who are admitted as inpatients to the SPC. There is also a walk-in chiropractic service available to outpatients.
This is intended for people with the following complaints and pains, for example:

  • Whiplash injury
  • Headaches (tension, migraines)
  • Attacks of vertigo
  • Wry-neck (torticollis)
  • Lumbago
  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Sciatica, slipped disk, hernia of an invertebral disk
  • Joint problems: shoulder, elbow, hand, hip, knee, and foot
  • Organic problems, primarily in babies and infants: nose and ear infections, three-month spasms, asthma.

Manual and mechanical
Of the 100-plus chiropractic techniques available, one of the most effective is the technique involving the drop mechanism and the treatment instrument.
The drop mechanism which is incorporated into a table gives way at a precisely set force, causing parts of the surface of the table to drop a few centimetres. This movement is transmitted to individual segments of the spine without causing any spinal dislocation.
The treatment instrument delivers a pulse directly to the vertebra. The speed is high in order to keep the force low. The therapy can be complemented by muscular treatments.

Universal and individual
Chiropractic is an umbrella term for the manual treatment of functional defects of the locomotor system, in particular the spinal column. The spectrum of application is very wide, there are no age limits, and the effect can be amazing in some cases.
Based on a confidential consultation, a clinical examination and corresponding X-ray images, the chiropractor compiles a diagnosis and commences a course of therapy which is designed to suit the patient's specific needs.

Causes and effect
There can be a lot of reasons for functional, segmental blocks along the spinal column. Individual vertebrae can occasionally become locked during the birth, similar to a drawer getting stuck. An altogether more common occurrence is pains and restrictions in freedom of movement as an acute or delayed consequence of accidents and injuries; for example, resulting from road traffic accidents, falls, ill-advised work techniques (bending, lifting weights), insidious wear caused by working techniques, leisure time activities or sport. This not only affects the spinal column, it can also affect the joints, as well as the hand, should, knee, elbow, and foot.
The chiropractor aims to restore the harmony of movement of the entire spinal column or set individual vertebrae in oscillation.

Special grips and techniques set complex reflex mechanisms in motion. This influences the statics and functions of the spinal column. Individual segments are always actually treated with holistic benefits in mind. The places where pain is experienced isn't always its actual source by any means.
Lower-back pain is often caused by a constricted or blocked cervical vertebra. In many cases, chiropractic treatment can help to alleviate pain in the long term or even prevent surgery. Correct treatment applying this technique also helps with organic disorders and generally stimulates the patient's self-healing powers.

Recognised and insured
 Chiropractic treatment emanates from the United States, where the procedure was pioneered back in 1895 by David D. Palmer. He also later founded the first school which provided training in this field. Chiropractic techniques have been practised in Switzerland since 1931, albeit illegally at first. Despite strong resistance from orthodox medics, the new method of treatment slowly took hold.
It has now long since gained legal recognition. The costs are covered in full by health insurance schemes or accident insurance policies. Even if the patient registers for it independently, without a referral from his or her GP.


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