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Institute for Vocational Guidance (IVG)

You should stay on the career path, despite what fate has in store for you
The role of the Institute for Vocational Guidance is to offer people, who have endured misfortune, guidance in finding ways of pursuing the career and education paths which they would have taken had they not suffered a disability. In order to achieve a credible equality of opportunity, new visions, adapted infrastructures and new networks have to be established which renew the hopes of people with spinal paralysis and enables them to become integrated.

Competence centre for vocational integration and further training
The increasing complexity of everyday life and the ever more demanding challenges placed on the individual create the need for highly specialised, professional support for spinal paralysis patients to develop a thorough and promising solution to the issues of reintegration and individual careers.

Integration into working life
The IVG supports patients who have recently suffered injuries, in the main. We look at ways of reintegrating them into the working world while they are still at the rehabilitation phase.
Our concept is based on the following cornerstones:

  • Programmes for motivating patients to become actively engaged in work individually
  • Vocational and career guidance, practice-related vocational assessment, carefully selected training courses, developing technical expertise
  • Support in realizing this through placements

Up to now, we have also managed to achieve the proposed and planned objective in over 95% of all cases. The question "how" can be explained under the following three perspectives:

  • Parallel rehabilitation
  • Entrepreneur of life instead of consumer, it's about taking responsibility
  • Developing your resources through performance analysis boosts your self-worth

Motivation and activation through further training
The IVG also offers services designed to benefit patients in rehabilitation: further training courses in the form of one-to-one tuition in computers, crafts, languages, and career development. The IVG's varied range of services includes maintaining patients' level of education, outpatient support afterwards and external assessment options.

Safeguarding equal opportunities for disabled people to be entrepreneurs of life takes somewhere that can coordinate, develop, analyse and implement the ideas, visions, support and entitlements which overall responsibility for this theme entails.

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