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Nursing management

Pflegepersonal mit Patient

Nursing staff and patient
We provide the nursing care at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre (SPC) with a newly determined mix of skills and grades, comprising nursing staff of grades HF and FH, DN1, as well as healthcare staff (FaGe) and auxiliary nurses. We take care to assemble teams of well trained, experienced personnel along with young staff. Our work stretches from the acute and post-acute phases to the rehabilitation phase.

The patients decide what care they need
The care primarily depends on the needs of the patients and their relatives. Objectives will be negotiated, defined, implemented and assessed in consultation with them.

We plan and organise patients' stays here at the SPC together with them and their relatives, as well as in consultation with the interdisciplinary team. Our aim is to show the patients how to be/become experts at looking after their own health. In discharging our nursing duties, we draw upon developments in nursing research, our own personal experience, as well as the expertise of patients. We can learn just as much as from our patients as they can from us. It is our view that good nursing care continues to have an effect long after the patient has been discharged. Therefore, we are interested in feedback about our actions and our attitude.

Furthermore, we are also involved in innovations to further develop and enhance the care we provide, such as: Voluntary work - Peer counselling – Services for relatives - Feedback and complaints management - Events (paraknowhow, paraday, Pflegesymposium (Nursing Symposium)) - People returning to work  - Nursing training.

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Swiss Paraplegic Centre
Nursing management
Guido A. Zäch Strasse 1
CH-6207 Nottwil

Mechtild Willi Studer
Asst. Adrian Wyss

Management Wards
Ward A:  Pascal Zehnder
Ward B:  Esther Peter-Spengeler and Rilana Hagenbuch-Thurner
Ward C:  Heidi Birrer
Ward D:  Andrea Bürgi
Ward E:  Sabine Felber
Ward F:  Sabine Felber a.i.

Nursing Development and Training
Director:  Adrian Wyss

Intensive Care Ward Manager:  Tom Hansen

Tel. +41 41 939 53 50
Fax +41 41 939 53 60

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