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Occupational Therapy

Mission statement for Occupational Therapy
With our Know-how in the multi-facetted field of Occupational Therapy, we are specialised in the rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injury, as well as illnesses and injuries of the spinal column. We treat people from Switzerland and abroad on both an inpatient and outpatient basis, offering them lifelong, competent after-care. It is our stated objective to use interdisciplinary cooperation to integrate the patients back into everyday life with the greatest possible independence and with the best possible quality of life.

Our Occupational Therapy is intended to be a comprehensive treatment. Each therapeutic measure is personalised towards the individual needs of the patient. We are therefore able to deliver an individual programme of treatment which is adapted in line with recovery and which is based on the WHO's  “International Classification of Function, Disability and Health“ (ICF).

We are motivated, committed and relish new challenges. We attach great importance to continuous initial and further training. We treat the patients entrusted to us with respect and empathy.

We strive to achieve efficient, constructive and interdisciplinary cooperation with internal and external services, whereby resource-oriented thinking and action are central.

We achieve our results by regularly reviewing our performance and by making continuous improvements to our working processes. Through continuous access to innovation, the latest technologies and scientific expertise, we will in the future continue to enhance the quality of service we provide.


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Occupational Therapy
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