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Physiotherapeut mit Patient

The work in the physiotherapy team brings together physiotherapists, sports instructors and physical therapists, all qualified to degree level.

This interdisciplinary team treats patients who have to learn functional skills again and how they relate to their own bodies in the event of paraplegia following trauma or disease.

The aim of the physiotherapy is to research and enhance mobility, activities and involvement in day-to-day life. The objective is to work with patients to optimise their sense of independence, thereby enabling them to return to their socio-cultural environment.

Individual therapeutic concepts are developed, supporting the existing regeneration potential of the injured spinal cord to optimum effect. The techniques chosen depend on the latest expertise in neuro rehabilitation and are subject to ongoing adaptation.

The treatment strategies are modified in the different phases of rehabilitation, based upon the needs of each individual patient.

The complete rehabilitation circle includes ascertaining the rehabilitation potential, the therapeutic measures and evaluating the outcome. Lifelong aftercare is guaranteed through regular outpatient check-ups.

In addition, the SPC offers an outpatient physiotherapy service. Treatment is given to patients from the neurology, orthopaedics, rheumatology, sport physiotherapy, and pneumology departments.


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