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Psychologe im Gespräch mit Patient

A living way to shape your own life

Central to the therapeutic support we provide is the individual with his need for intimacy, protection, being understood, and developing personal values in the changing situation.

Our therapeutic approach is based on making it possible to have a protected relationship.

Our psychotherapeutic guidance stems from the changed possibilities and limitations. We will support your ideas, your courage and your powers to heal yourself. We will assist you in exploring inner and outer sources, as well as discovering possibilities that lie hidden and have not been tapped into yet. We will help you to reconcile yourself with your limitations and vulnerabilities.

By being respectful of and attentive to your inner experiences and introspections, you will be exhibiting a gentle care towards yourself. This is a healing approach: it brings about respect, closeness and distance, and also enables you to be sympathetic towards yourself. It is not uncommon for you to endure conflicting impulses, thoughts and feelings, which can also be painful at times. Step by step this will enable you to nurture a newfound sense of trust in your own experiences and to become aware of what matters and is a source of inner nourishment.

Autonomy, knowledge, willpower, and motivation alone do not make up the whole person. Exploration and inner freedom come about in these areas where people open up to themselves and to others with a sense of curiosity and personal reflection. Growth and reconciliation also require you to come to terms with your own limitations, the cause of the disruption and the painful aspects of it. Spaces arise in which we start to explore the longings we have and ultimately find the compassion and the loving heart within us.

Our department also offers the following services:

  • Music therapy
  • Art/painting therapy
  • Feldenkrais and somatic experience

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