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Medical Office

The Medical Office, together with the Admissions Coordination Office, attends to all the administrative and organisational activities relating to the patient's stay in hospital. In addition, it compiles and processes all the inpatient reporting for the SPC's doctors. It performs an important pivotal function for the Swiss Paraplegic Clinic Nottwil.

Unless you have access to an HIN connection, please fax or post the completed patient registration form or letter of referral.
Emergency cases can be admitted any time. This can be done on workdays via our Admissions Coordination Office and on weekends or public holidays by calling
+41 41 939 54 54 or by fax on +41 41 939 54 40.

Inpatient admission
Patients must have the following documents with them on admission:

  • Identity card (ID) or passport
  • Health fund / insurance certificate or confirmation of commitment to cover costs
  • Medical documentation (X-ray images, laboratory findings)
  • Certificates (blood group, inoculations, allergies)
  • Various medication and prescriptions
  • Orthopaedic aids, if any
  • Electric wheelchair, if used
  • Communication aids, if any
  • Written summary of the patient's personal rehabilitation targets

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Intensive Care Medicine
Centre for Pain Medicine
Patient Administration Office

Additional information


Swiss Paraplegic Centre
Medical Office
P.O. Box
CH-6207 Nottwil

Adriana Styger
Asst. Georgette Schüpbach

T +41 41 939 58 50
F +41 41 939 58 48

Registration/Opening times

Medical Office
Monday to Friday
8 am to midday and
1 pm to 5 pm
Tel. +41 41 939 58 50
Fax +41 41 939 58 48
aks.spz@sec.paranet.chInpatient Admissions Coordination
Tel. +41 41 939 42 81

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