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Patient Administration

The staff in Patient Administration attend to the administrative aspects such as (insurance cover / commitment to cover costs / charges / invoices) relating to your stay in hospital or your outpatient treatment.

Insurance-related questions
If you have any insurance-related questions, contact Patient Administration in the event of scheduled stays in the SPC. 

Registration and admission
Bring the following documents along with you when you are admitted:

  • Identity card (ID) or passport
  • Insurance card or health fund / insurance certificates
  • Medical documentation (X-ray images, laboratory findings)
  • Certificates (blood group, inoculations, allergies)
  • Various medication and prescriptions
  • Orthopaedic aids, if any
  • Electric wheelchair, if used
  • Communication aids, if any
  • Please write out your personal rehabilitation targets

Charges and invoices
health or accident insurance provider will normally be billed directly every month for services which are provided at cost, provided a commitment to cover costs has been received. You will be billed directly for non-compulsory services (such as private expenditure, reservations). If your hospital stay is not covered, you have to make a payment in advance. In this case, contact Patient Administration.




Information (DOCX)

Additional information


Swiss Paraplegic Centre
Patient Administration
P.O. box
CH-6207 Nottwil

Director: Stephan Läuchli
Asst.: Stefan Metzger 


(Registration Inpatients)
T +41 41 939 42 81
F + 41 41 939 57 39

Inpatient enquiries
(Inquiries regarding costs/bills)
T +41 41 939 57 31

Outpatient enquiries
(Inquiries regarding costs/bills)
T +41 41 939 57 36

Patient Finance Office
(Inquiries regarding payments/admonitions)
T +41 41 939 57 35

F +41 41 939 57 39

Opening hours

Mon.-Fri. 8 am to 12 am /
1 pm to 5 pm


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