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Rights and duties

Personal data protection
We take personal data protection very seriously. All employees of the SPC are bound by a statutory duty of confidentiality. Legal data protection is guaranteed.

Ethical guidelines
Ethical questions also arise in the day-to-day activities of the SPC. The manner in which it is observed and the efforts to seek a differentiated solution are an important aspect of the quality of treatment. The SPC follows the medical and ethical guidelines set down by the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences.

Insurance cover
If you have any insurance-related questions, contact your health and accident insurance provider in good time in the case of scheduled admissions to the SPC. Our Patient Administration office is responsible for this at the SPC, Tel. +41 41 939 57 31 / Fax +41 41 939 57 39.
Should you need to be contacted by any of your insurance providers (health, accident or private insurance) during your stay, or if you have any questions about social security in general, ask your social worker directly or contact her via the office on +41 41 939 58 20.

Duty to report damage caused by you
Please report damage to furniture or the building straight away. Also let us know if you no longer require your phone line.

If the fire alarm is triggered carelessly (by lighting cigarettes, candles, etc.), you will be charged for calling out the fire brigade. You will also be charged for damaging furniture and equipment carelessly.
The clinic accepts no liability for the loss of personal possessions, money or other valuables.


Additional information

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