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Technology, information and communication

You will be assigned a personal phone number when you are admitted. It will be valid throughout your stay.
To obtain an outside line, first of all dial 0, followed by the number you require. To make (free) internal calls, dial the number of the person to whom you wish to speak.
There are phone boxes (card and coin-operated) close to the Information desk at the main entrance.
Your phone charges will be settled every month along with your patient bill.

In order to receive (Fax +41 41 939 54 40) and send personal documents by fax, contact Information on ext. 111 (internal).

There are PCs with Internet access and printers available to use free of charge in the nursing wing and in the hall (Internet Corner). Should you wish, the IT Team will also install a PC in your room for you. Internet access is free of charge.
IT can be contacted via the hotline on ext. 160 (internal).

The radio/TV equipment which is integrated into the bedside cabinet enables you to receive a wide range of TV channels and radio stations. Please keep the volume low on audio equipment or use headphones.

JAMES environmental control unit
Please ask the nursing staff about integrating the JAMES aid (infrared control unit).

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