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Information for patients on questions relating to "insurance cover / commitment to cover costs / charges / invoices"

  • Inpatient enquiries     T +41 41 939 57 31
  • Outpatient enquiries   T +41 41 939 57 36
  • Patient Finance Office T +41 41 939 57 35

Questions which the Patient Administration Office is frequently asked:

Who organises the commitment to cover costs?      
The Patient Administration Office

Is Internet access available, and what does it cost?            
It is available to use free of charge in every room.
Should you wish us to provide you with a laptop, you have to pay a hire charge.

Phone charges/costs?                                      
Phone charges/costs will be added to your bill.

Costs / surcharge for twin or single rooms?
Or for a semi-private ward?  
Refer to the separate pricelist and agreement on room occupancy.

Do you accept credit cards?                                               
No, there is an ATM available at reception.

Car park charges?                                                                      
Inpatients can park at a reduced weekly rate.
You can obtain a reduced parking ticket from Patient Reception at the entrance. 

Where can patients' relative stay? Prices?
Refer to the separate information sheet for relatives

Is there a safe for storing valuables?                                    
Yes, please ask your ward manager for details.

Questions and answers for the Medical Office

Which ward am I being allocated to?
The allocation of wards and rooms takes place at the earliest in mid-week for the week ahead. Feel free to call the Admissions Coordination Office again from Thursday (in +41 (0)41 939 42 81).

My insurance company has given me a verbal commitment to cover the cost of my stay in hospital. Can I register with you now?
The Admissions Coordination Office requires a written referral from the doctor treating you or from an internal doctor at the SPC. In addition, the office also needs to have received a written copy of the commitment to cover costs. You will then receive written or verbal instructions to come in.

What do I need to take with me for my stay (e.g. clothes)?
Identity card or passport, health scheme/insurance certificate, medical documents (if they were not already submitted during registration), personal medication (original packaging), orthopaedic aids, electric wheelchair, communication aids, written summary of your personal rehabilitation targets, personal toiletries, trainers, swimming costume/trunks, etc.

How long has the commitment to cover costs been approved for?
The commitment to cover costs has been approved for ……… days or weeks. Admission should take place within the next three months. Otherwise, you will have to seek another request to cover costs from your insurance company.

By what time must I arrive at the SPC?

We admit new patients at 10 am.

Who arranges the transport to the SPC?
Patients who are travelling privately make their own travel arrangements. We will happily provide a transport service for travel to and from the airport. Charges for this service must be paid for in cash at our Patient Administration Office.

Can relatives stay in the room with me overnight?
Our Social Advice Team will be happy to consider your request in consultation with the nursing staff.

Does the SPC also treat foreign patients?
Yes. Our paraplegiologist needs to review your medical records in advance, and also requires your precise personal particulars. When admission to the SPC is indicated, admission can take place upon payment of a deposit or upon receipt of an E112 or E123 form.

Can I bring my laptop with me?
By all means.

I only have general insurance cover. Can I also be admitted to the SPC on a private or semi-private basis?
Our Patient Administration Office will provide you with an estimate of costs/deposit letter. We will be happy to consider your request if the category of room you request is available.

Is there anywhere close to the SPC where relatives or visitors can stay?
Yes. Our GZI will be happy to provide you with information about the different options available.

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